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Our customers seek to get things done. They need a round object, maximum precision and a creative partner. In addition to these things, we offer high dependability, clear communication and an honest, reasonable price. This is what sets us apart. We are masters of metal spinning. Movement, strength and feeling - drawn from our long-standing expertise, injected into the metal. If it's good, we get involved. Wender.

ISO 9001:2015


We shape metals into round objects with diameters of up to 900 mm. We are happy to take on complex assignments and, upon request, can create metal objects with a tolerance of up to 0.05 mm.

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Metal Spinning Really Works

It’s a little-known fact that metal-spinning is a highly effective and cost-efficient process – one that often yields advantages over other types of metal shaping when it comes to prototype development or serial production of up to 10,000 pieces per batch. The moulding costs are comparatively low and your ideas are quickly given form in a tangible product. We also offer numerous additional services for other requirements relating to your spun parts.

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