Wender Metal Spinning
Perfect Shapes For Smart Creators

We are Munich's foremost metal spinning workshop. Through our production of rotiationally symmetrical hollow metal parts, we act as a manufacturer, a supplier and a development partner for customers from all over Europe. We are proud of our decades-long history of involvement in pioneering projects and our customers' confidence in us as a loyal, capable partner. A family company in its second generation, we deploy a team of long-standing employees and highly-motivated young professionals to work on your solutions.

Metal Spinning
Insiders Know Why

We shape (almost any) metal into hollow round parts of up to 900 mm diameter. We are happy to take on complex assignments and, upon request, can create objects with a tolerance of up to 0.05 mm. Our partners recognise the cost-effectiveness, precision and advantages of metal spinning as method of production.

We Listen Carefully

Our customers need to feel that they've been understood - only then will they see their ideas take physical form. For more than half a century, we've been lending a creative ear, using our eye for detail and working with you to ensure understanding. We know that development and creativity demand clear communication.

An Identity Based On Values

Those who want to create value must recognise what they stand for - and we take this concept very seriously. The satisfaction of customers and employees, a solution-focused approach, innovation, precision, environmental awareness, cost-effectiveness, creativity, discretion, trust, know-how, tradition, flexibility, continuity, continued learning and development; for us, these are not empty phrases, but the framework for all we do. They stand side-by-side and give us our identity. We reflect on and live them - down to the last detail.

Art and High Tech

Institutions such as the Technical University of Munich, technological pioneers from various industries, designers and artists cooperate with us on their development projects. Together, we tackle issues of feasibility and constantly push the boundaries of material and form. Since we also spin metals by hand, we can work on your prototypes in a cost-efficient, effective and entirely evolutionary fashion. We don't stop until it fits!

Prototypen + High Tech

Specialists Galore
A One-Stop Shop for Your Metal Products

As a full service provider, we cooperate with our partner firms to satisfy virtually any and every metal spinning request. Supplementary services such as electroplating, laser cutting and electron beam welding provide the finishing touch for your product. A one-stop shop for all your needs!


Thomas Wender

Thomas Wender
Metalldrücker- und Gürtlermeister.

Rudolf Wender

Rudolf Wender
Metalldrücker- und Gürtlermeister. Goldener Meisterbrief.